Send requests for signing

Step 1: Documents for signing

Here, you can upload the documents to be signed. The files must be PDF files and the total size may not exceed 3MB.

Set a signing deadline for the task

The signer will receive a notification stating the signing deadline. Read more about the rules for sending out notifications here.

Addressing of signers

A signer can be addressed in two different ways, with or without a national identity number. Read about addressing here.

  • With national identity number: This provides secure verification of identity and the signer must log in with BankID, BankID mobile phone or Buypass, in order to sign. In the case of addressing by national identity number, you must also choose whether you want the entire national identity number, or only the date of birth, to be displayed in the signed document. Read more about the content of the signed document here.
  • Without national identity number: This signing method does not require any login, and as the sender you do not need to know the signer’s national identity number. Instead, you just need to enter email address and/or mobile phone number and the signer will receive a link to the document and fill in the security code provided in the notification. The signer can then open and sign the document using BankID, BankID mobile phone, or Buypass.

Step 2: Recipients

For signers to receive notifications of signature requests, you must enter their contact details here. A signature request can have a maximum of 10 signers.

As the sender, you may be the signer for your own signature request. If you tick I will sign myself, the email address you have registered for your user will be filled in automatically.

Step 3: Information for recipients

Description of the document that is displayed in the notification email: As the description will appear in the email that is sent out, it should not include any sensitive information. It is nonetheless a good idea to include details of what is to be signed, to make it easier for the signer to identify in the email.

Title of the front page of the signed document: The title appears on the front page of the signed document. Read more about the content of the signed document here.

Message that the recipient sees in the signature portal: Write a personal message to the signer. The message is displayed before the documents are signed (not sent by email or SMS).

Internal case number/reference ID: If you have a case number or reference ID linked to the documents or signer, you can write it here. It can be used for easier retrieval of the documents.

Advanced settings: Under advanced settings, you can choose whether you want to send your documents immediately or later. If you choose to send them later, enter the date and time of the required mailing.