Error handling

There are differet forms of exceptions that can occur. Some are more specific than others. All exceptions related to client behavior inherits from SignatureException.

    //Some signature action
catch (BrokerNotAuthorizedException notAuthorizedException)
    //Not authorized to perform action. The correct access rights for organization are not set.
catch (UnexpectedResponseException unexpectedResponseException)
    //UnexpectedResponseException will normally contain an `Error` object giving a more detailed error description. If this error does not exist,
    // you can still get the status code and message.
    var statusCode = unexpectedResponseException.StatusCode;
    var responseMessage = unexpectedResponseException.Message;

    if (unexpectedResponseException.Error != null)
        var errorMessage = unexpectedResponseException.Error.Message;
        var errorType = unexpectedResponseException.Error.Type;
catch (SignatureException exception)

try {
} catch (BrokerNotAuthorizedException brokerNotAuthorized) {
    // Broker is not authorized to perform action. Contact Digitaliseringsdirektoratet in order to set up access rights.
} catch (UnexpectedResponseException unexpectedResponse) {
    // The server returned an unexpected response.
    Response.StatusType httpStatusCode = unexpectedResponse.getActualStatus();

    // errorCode and errorMesage will normally contain information returned by the server. May be null.
    String errorCode = unexpectedResponse.getErrorCode();
    String errorMessage = unexpectedResponse.getErrorMessage();
} catch (SignatureException e) {
    // An unexpected exception was thrown, inspect e.getMessage().