The sender portal

The sender portal is a web interface for senders where you can send out signature requests for signing, and manage requests and organization account. As a sender, you may have access to multiple organization accounts. After logging in, select the business you want to send out requests from or administrate. Please refer to the help guide with screenshots.

Your account

Account information

Here, you can upload your organization logo and activate long-term storage if you wish to use this. This is also where you control who has access to the organization account.


You can add as many users as you want and choose which role the user is to have:

  • Account manager: As an account manager, you have full access. You can create and edit users, upload an organization logo, view all signature requests sent out from the organization, and also create new signature requests.
  • Document processor: As a document processor, you have limited access. You can only create and view your own signature requests.

You can also choose whether the user is to have access for an unlimited time, or set a time limit for when the user is to no longer have access to the account.

Overview in sender portal

In the Documents tab, there are four tabs: Waiting, Stopped, Signed and Search. Waiting, Stopped and Signed are associated with the signature flow for requests, while Search can be used to get back to a signature request.

  • Waiting: Here, you can view the signature requests you have created, which are awaiting signature. The requests will remain under this tab until they are signed or stopped. Note that if the request has several signers, the request will remain in Waiting until everyone has signed.
  • Stopped: Here, you will find all requests that have been stopped. A request may be stopped by the sender and/or by the signer; the signer may reject the request or fail to sign within the deadline. The sender can cancel the request. In both cases, the request ends up under Stopped.
  • Signed: Here, you can see all signed request. If your organization has activated long-term storage, the document will always be available for download. If long-term storage has not been activated, you can download the document for 40 days.
  • Search: Here, you can search to get back to a signature request. You can search by national identity number, email, mobile number or reference number, and search within a required time range.