Why use Posten signering (Norway Post’s digital signature service)

We believe in making people’s lives easier. By using Posten signering, you will avoid the time-consuming manual handling of documents to be signed.

What is Posten signering

Posten signering is a digital signature service for public and private organizations. When documents are signed digitally, the actual signing takes place using an electronic ID. The signed document cannot subsequently be changed without the signature being broken, and the document can be saved in an archive or downloaded to the organization’s archive. The service supports both individuals and several persons signing the same documents. We are constantly developing new functionality for the service, and are happy to receive input from both companies and private individuals.

How to use Posten signering

As an organization, you can use Posten signering in two ways, depending on your needs and the desired signature flow:

Sender portal

The sender portal enables an organization to use the digital signature service without making any technical integrations. The documents to be signed are uploaded manually to the portal. Signers log into the portal to read and sign the documents via portal flow. This is a simple and effective way of getting started with the digital signature service and is suitable for smaller volumes. If you are a private organization, you can register the business directly. If you are a public organization, you will be able to register your account for signing via Digitaliseringsdirektoratet og samarbeidsportalen.

API integration

The API interface requires technical integration between the organization and Posten signering. By creating an integration with the service, the signer will access the organization’s website, and the digital signature service will be experienced as an integral part of the service. You can choose whether the signer is to sign in the organization’s system or on the website (direct flow), or whether to allow the signer to log in and sign in the Posten signature portal (portal flow).

Integration with the digital signature service’s API can be done in three ways

1. Use of client libraries: We provide client libraries that simplify the integration process for customers wishing to integrate the signature service into their own systems. The client libraries support the Java and .NET programming languages.

2. Integration via software product or partner: Many customers use a professional system as their case and archive systems, or other software products as the source of documents to be signed.

3. Self-developed integration: The API is documented so that customers can make their own integration if they want to.


Private organizations must contact us at salg@digipost.no to gain access to the API, after creating an account in the web portal.